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P3: Coffee Talk: PowerPivot Utilities

Welcome to the latest PowerPivotPro Coffee Talk, where members of the community discuss various topics related to Power BI, Power Pivot, and Analytics/BI in general. These conversations take place during the week on a Slack channel and are then lightly edited for publication. In this installment of our Coffee Talk series, we’ll be chatting with The Power Pivot Utility team: Bertrand d’Arbonneau and Marco Russo, along with P3’s Reid Havens and  Matt Allington. Let’s introduce everyone.

Posted on February 22, 2018 and filed under Tools & Software, Industry, Excel, PowerPivotPro.

P3: Why I STILL Teach DAX in Excel: My Lament to Microsoft

Article by: Reid Havens

Welcome back readers! Today I want to talk to you about a few the reasons why I still like to teach DAX in EXCEL. A HUGE part of our jobs here at PowerPivotPro is teaching analysts & data junkies throughout the world how to use the best features of Excel and Power BI. Teaching is in our blood, we love doing it, and frankly we’re great at it (I definitely know this is last part is true because my even mom told me).