Power BI & Excel Services

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Data Acquisition & Transformations 

The process of connecting to your data for nearly any source, whether it's online or on-premises. Then importing it into the Data Model, where it can be transformed, shaped, or cleaned to align with any business requirements. All of this is done with a revolutionary data shaping tool built into Power BI, called Power Query. Learn the best practices and techniques for importing and transforming your data with these tools.


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Data Modeling

After going through the Data Acquisition process, it's important to learn how to leverage data modeling design principles. Principles such as data vs. lookup tables, star vs. snowflake schema's, and writing optimized DAX measures to create advanced metrics and insights. All these principles work together to turn your data into something more powerful than raw data.


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Report & Dashboard Design

Equal importance needs to be places on the selection of the visualizations as well as the design of the report itself. A report is only as good as its data model, and a data model is only as good as its data. Learn about the science behind visual cues, chart types, and color principles. All of these, plus many other design techniques help deliver reports that are intuitive, easy to use, and are aesthetically pleasing.


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Report Publishing & Online Services

Another common hurdle people experience is figuring out how to easily share reports after they've finished development. There are important steps involved when it comes to sharing reports online effectively and securely, as publishing a report is only the first step. Important next steps include sharing the content with the correct people, scheduling automatic refreshes, and setting up user security so the data is secured.



Remote Consulting & Training

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Office Hours (Remote Consulting)

Have a problem that needs immediate help? Havens Consulting offers remote consulting for Power BI, Excel Power Pivot, and Power Query.

We'll happily setup a remote meeting using Skype for Business, GotoMeeting, Zoom, or whatever remote conference software you prefer. From there we can help to diagnose and fix whatever issue you might be having.

If you're interested in setting up some remote consulting, or if you just have general questions. Please visit our contact & support page below.

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On-Site Trainings

We also provide on-site and instructor-led trainings to help teams adopt either Power BI, Excel Power Pivot, or Power Query for self-service business intelligence and analytics. Our curriculum is designed by the Founder of Havens Consulting, Reid Havens. Reid has extensive experience developing trainings and curriculums for multiple consulting companies, online publishers, and universities.

Among the organizations Reid has developed content for, he wrote multiple training curriculums for PowerPivotPro, and taught them as a Principal Consultant at dozens of companies around the world. He also developed college level classes for Bellevue College and The University of Washington. Reid is also currently developing multiple online video series on Learning & Mastering Power BI for the Pack Publishing Company.

Our approach to all of these curriculums is to train through hands-on labs and in-person guidance, attendees will learn to build and share stunning visualizations and valuable data insights using the tools found in Power BI and Excel. Our expertly designed framework mirrors the report development process, allowing attendees to apply their learnings quickly and easily back at their desks.