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Visual Cues and Chart Types in Power BI

Video by: Reid Havens

Failing to deliver a well-designed Power BI Report is a very common reporting pitfall. What good is quality data if it is not presented in a way that is meaningful or easily understood? This video discusses visual cues, and how certain chart types can convey data more accurately than others. Plus we'll cover a tool called the visuals reference, provided by the folks over at, that can help in choosing the right visualization to use.

SQLBI Visuals Reference Link:

Creating A KPI Scorecard Report: Part 4

Video by: Reid Havens

In this multi-part series you'll learn techniques utilizing DAXcustom visualizations, and design techniques to create a great looking KPI Scorecard report in Power BI.

Part Four will show you how to apply the final touches to the report. Including background colors, separation lines, title, images, responsive slicers, and background formatting

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