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SVG Image Sparklines on Rows in Power BI Tables

Video by: Reid Havens

With the recent update that allows tables in Power BI to render SVG images. We can now create interactive charts and sparklines directly inside of the tables. Learn how to leverage DAX to create well designed sparklines in this video.

Original post by David Eldersveld

DAX Sub Folder Organization and Efficient Bulk Edit (Guest Post on BI Elite)

Video by: Reid Havens

Hey guys! Parker here. In this video, Microsoft MVP Reid Havens from the Havens Consulting YouTube Channel gives an awesome overview on how to use the new modeling view in Power BI to bulk update fields as well as group DAX measures into subfolders! Check out this awesome trick from a Power BI Pro!

Posted on January 17, 2019 and filed under Beginner, Power BI Features.