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Interview with Avi Singh: Power BI Would Take You Around the World!

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Interview with Avi Singh went live this week. Avi is a good friend and industry colleague of mine. He is also the founder of This interview was great water cooler conversations and discussions on how we met, how I got to where I am today, and Power BI in general. Give it a watch!

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Power BI & Tableau Experts Discuss Self Service BI

Join us on Wednesday, January 24th at Seattle University Pigott Auditorium as the Northwest TDWI Chapter teams up with our local Power BI and Tableau user groups for a think tank discussion on the future of Self Self-Service BI. Each user group has produced two expert panelists, who will take turns answering questions about self-service BI in short answer format. Moderated by Dave Wells, we look back at where we’ve come, where we are today, and ultimately, to the future we are building.

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P3: Journey to PowerPivotPro: Reid Havens

Article by: Reid Havens

My Story, My Journey, My Passion

Buckle in folks, this is going to be a long and engaging article. As we enter 2018, I realized that I’m approaching the one-year anniversary of my first blog post here at PowerPivotPro! So many things have happened since then. I’ve traveled across the US as a BI Trainer, co-developed with some of the world’s biggest companies, and a few months ago was given the position of EDITOR here at P3. Given all that’s happened I thought it appropriate to take a step back, reflect, and share my story of how I got here.

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