Google Analytics Report


To replace the demo data with your own data:

  • Log into your Google Analytics account

  • Navigate to the desired Analytics Accounts

  • Navigate to the desired Properties & Apps

  • Navigate to the desired Views

  • Copy the View ID, and paste into the parameter input

Template App Instructions.png
Google Analytics Parameter.png


If you’ve purchased a template app subscription to remove the six-month date filter. Please follow the instructions below to update the Power BI dataset email parameter

  • Log into the Power BI Portal

  • Navigate to the Google Analytics Workspace

  • Navigate to the Workspace Datasets tab

  • Select the ellipsis to access the Google Analytics dataset context menu

  • Select Settings

  • Change the Purchase Email value under the Parameters sub-menu to the same email you used to purchase the subscription in our Files Store. The next time the model is refreshed the subscription status should change to Active. Any questions concerns or issues please contact us below

Update Parameter Step 1.png
Update Parameter Step 2 and 3.png
Update Parameter Step 4.png

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