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The most powerful, easiest to learn, and lowest cost BI suite.

Havens Consulting specializes in report development & design utilizing Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI is a cloud based reporting & analytics platform. It connects users to a broad range of data through interactive reports, dashboards, and compelling visualizations that tell a story.

This platform eliminates the need to worry about data refreshes and file versions, allowing users to access the reports using their computer or mobile device at any time.

The Four Pillars of the Power BI Suite
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Power Query

Power Query is a data connector and intuitive tool that lets you shape, cleantransform, and much more with your data.

It is also an amazing ETL tool. It does what VBA, Access, or SQL views can do, only easier. It Extracts data from almost any data source, Transforms that data, and then Loads it to the Data Model.

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Data Model

The Data Model is the cornerstone of PBI. Data Models benefit from utilizing a multiple table design with relationships. Which reduces file size and increases performance.

PBI also contains a calculation language called DAX, or Data Analysis Expression. DAX is powerful at calculating values against very large datasets quickly and effectively.

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PBI Reports

PBI Reports contain over 20 built-in visuals, and have a vibrant community of custom visualizations.

Reports are designed to be highly interactive and customizable. With many ways to filter, interact, or drill into the data. There are also ways to create interactive stories and narratives for published reports.

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PBI Service

The PBI Service is an online platform that lets you publish reports securely within an organization. 

Once published, these reports can be accessed from any device with a web browser or app store

Published reports also have automatic data refreshes, so the reports will always contain the latest information.

Power BI is also an Industry Leader as measured by both Forrester and Gartner Research.

It's also the least expensive BI tool, costing only $9.99 a month per user


Power BI Embedded Reports

One of the many great features of Power BI is the ability to embed reports directly in web pages. A demonstration of this feature is showcased below.

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Please rotate your phone to view the Embedded PBI Report

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Consulting & Training

We provide many consulting services related to Power BI or Excel reporting. Including everything from Data Acquisition with Power QueryData Modeling, or Visualization & Design.

Our services range from customized co-development, to structured training depending on the client's needs.

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Articles & Videos

We also have numerous articles, videos, and other content we publish multiple times a month on various media platforms.

Many of these articles showcase great practices, techniques, or other important information related to Power BI.