Custom Calendar Table With Time Intelligence

We've created an amazing custom calendar table in Power BI that incorporates fiscal and intelligent time dimension columns. It includes easy ways to filter by rolling periods of various time dimensions as granular as day and up to year. It also includes Offset columns for Days, WeeksMonths, Quarters, and Years.

Each offset column is a numerical column that starts as 0 for the current time period (E.g. Current Day, Month, etc...). Any rows for a time period in the past is then assigned with a negative number (E.g. -1, -2, etc...), and time periods in the future are assigned a positive number (E.g. 1, 2, etc...).

This logic allows for easy filtering for relative time windows. DAX Measures can also utilize these columns for easier time intelligence calculations as well. The table also includes Parameters that allow the client to easily choose the calendar start and stop date ranges and the fiscal year start date when creating the table.

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PBI Report Template With Custom Calendar

Power BI report templates are amazing as starter reports. They can be built with or without data sets. Design practices such as a standardized calendarcompany logo, visualization arrangement, background, formatting, and so on can be built into in a template for the company to use. 

Our Power BI template was created that includes a standardized layout, default visualization settings, DAX Measures table, color theme, and a custom calendar.

You can interact with the report by checking it out in our embedded page here.

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Consulting & Training

We provide many consulting services related to Power BI or Excel reporting. Including everything from Data Acquisition with Power QueryData Modeling, or Visualization & Design.

Our services range from customized co-development, to structured training depending on the client's needs.

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Articles & Videos

We also have numerous articlesvideos, and other content we publish multiple times a month on various media platforms.

Many of these articles showcase great practicestechniques, or other important information related to Power BI or Excel.