Success Stories

At Havens Consulting we've executed many unique and exciting solutions for our clients. We take pride in the many successful projects and stories we've shared with our clients, here's just a few of our favorites. So feel free to take a look at some of the work we’ve done! 



Custom Calendar Table With Time Intelligence (Power BI)

Client wanted a custom calendar created that incorporated fiscal and intelligent time dimension columns. They wanted easy ways to filter by rolling periods of various time dimensions as granular as day and up to year. A custom calendar template was created in Power BI that included Offset columns for Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, and Years.

Each offset column is a numerical column that starts as 0 for the current time period (E.g. Current Day, Month, etc...). Any rows for a time period in the past is then assigned with a negative number (E.g. -1, -2, etc...), and time periods in the future are assigned a positive number (E.g. 1, 2, etc...).

This logic allows for easy filtering for relative time windows. DAX Measures can also utilize these columns for easier time intelligence calculations as well. The table also includes Parameters that allow the client to easily choose the calendar start and stop date ranges and the fiscal year start date when creating the table.


Windermere Automated PDF Report (Excel)

Client at Windermere Real Estate wanted to create a multi-page monthly report using that would create a PDF output for 100+ Market Areas. We created an Excel Report that utilized a series of custom layout report pages and VBA macros to automatically refresh and export the 100+ PDF's into a shared folder.

Among the many custom report pages created, a custom map page was designed that provided color coding using custom real estate map areas in Western Washington. The map utilized a mixture of custom VBA and other tools in Excel to create the functionality for the client. The map areas were given one of three colors depending on the area value in the table using macro functions to pass the value information into the custom map shapes.


Sales Vs. Budget Analytics Report (Power BI)

Client requested a report that allowed a quick and easy comparison of Sales Amount & Projected Opportunities against the Fiscal Year Target. With the added functionality of dynamically adjusting the Projected Opportunity Conversions via slicer selection. 

A report was created with a custom Stacked Column Chart as its centerpiece. This visualization tracked Sales Growth & Opportunity Conversions against the Fiscal Year Target, across Month & Year.

It also utilized a visual Tooltip when hovering over the visual to show a custom Waterfall Chart. This Tooltip displayed the breakdown of Sales, Opportunities, & the remaining Target against the Fiscal Year Target.


Report Template With Custom Theme & Calendar (Power BI)

Client's organization had a persisting issue of inconsistent report design and style across groups. They wanted a standardized report template created that included a standard layout, custom report theme, and custom calendar table.

A Power BI template was created that included a standardized layout, default visualization settings, DAX Measures table, custom color theme, and custom calendar. This report template was then used throughout the organization whenever any new Power BI Report was created.

Many of the design best practices and techniques seen in this report are included in our video walk-through.