Disconnected Slicers With DAX Variables And SELECTEDVALUES

Published on: YouTube

Article by: Reid Havens

Today’s topic covers how to create a Disconnected Slicer using DAX Variables and SELECTEDVALUES. We’ve easily written a few dozen articles over the years on ways to use disconnected slicers, and here’s another one!

The great thing about DAX is that as it EVOLVES, writing measures and utilizing certain features becomes easier. That’s the goal of this video, it’s not re-inventing the wheel, just refining it. I’ve included below the original DAX Formula I used in the walkthrough. Otherwise, enjoy the video!

Posted on May 18, 2018 .

Upgrading Import Data Models to Power BI Service Or Direct Query

Published on: YouTube

Article by: Reid Havens

In this video you'll learn how to take a completed Power BI Report Model that was created using the Import method, and convert / separate the report into two distinct files for the Data Model & Report.

The biggest benefit to doing this is saving substantial time from needing to completely reproduce your report from scratch, using the Power BI Service as the data connector.

Posted on May 7, 2018 .

How to Create A Real Time Dataset on Power BI.com

Published on: YouTube

Video by: Reid Havens

Learn how to create a real time dataset and provide data input using Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Flow. Video was created by Reid Havens, Principal Consultant & Editor at PowerPivotPro.com and founder of Havens Consulting.

Posted on April 23, 2018 .

PBI Spotlight: Power BI Feature Spotlight: Using Bookmark Buttons to Create Pop-Up Windows

Published on: PowerPivotPro

Article by: Reid Havens

Hello P3 Nation, welcome back to another exciting month of Power BI updates! This month’s release saw quite a few new updates and enhancements to the Power BI Universe. It’s like Christmas each month for us here at PowerPivotPro, where we get to open the latest updates article and see what the Microsoft Santa brought us this month. Data enthusiasts like us (and you!) can easily get swept up in all the bells and whistles features each month.

Posted on April 10, 2018 .