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Guide Users With Power BI Bookmark Button Tooltips

Video by: Reid Havens

There are many amazing ways to use the bookmark buttons in Power BI. Learn how to add tooltips to help users understand bookmark design and functionality, and guide them through interacting with the report.

You can download the report template from this video here.

Posted on December 11, 2018 and filed under Beginner, Design & Presentation, Power BI.

Custom Slicers in Power BI


Power BI offers a variety of ways to allow users to filter data. This video talks about the a few useful custom slicers that are available in the Power BI Visuals Marketplace. These Slicers below will be discussed.

Posted on October 16, 2018 and filed under Beginner, Design & Presentation, Custom Visuals.

Visual Cues and Chart Types in Power BI

Video by: Reid Havens

Failing to deliver a well-designed Power BI Report is a very common reporting pitfall. What good is quality data if it is not presented in a way that is meaningful or easily understood? This video discusses visual cues, and how certain chart types can convey data more accurately than others. Plus we'll cover a tool called the visuals reference, provided by the folks over at, that can help in choosing the right visualization to use.

SQLBI Visuals Reference Link: